Thursday, August 12, 2010

What do I have left to do??? I know I'm missing something!

I'm desperately trying to check things off my list at this point. I needed to MAKE a list! My bridesmaid Beth suggested the one on The Knot, but I said it was too confusing because it includes so many things I'm not doing, like a florist, DJ, etc. Then Simon suggested I just check off the things I'm not doing so they go away. Duh. I did that and now have a very nice list. I have a secondary list of things I'm doing that aren't on there, like displays of the mothers' wedding gowns, pictures displayed at the wedding, bathroom baskets, scrapbook (see below). Slowly but surely I'm making the list smaller.

Like buying wedding rings! On Saturday, we rode Simon's motorcycle to the shop to pick mine up, then we both rode to the jewelry store. The one I had liked the last time was sold, but a similar one with 0.10 more carats for only $15 more was available. Twist my arm why dontcha? ;) So we bought it, and it was just big enough to be engraved inside. What we chose, which we've planned on for ages, is “I has you.” Why? Because we're so obsessed with LoLcats that that's how we say “I love you.” No joke. :) Also, my ring size has gone down from a 7 to a 6.5 since losing weight! Going to get my engagement ring re-sized when we pick up my wedding ring.

So of course I had to take care of Simon's, so I ordered his tungsten band online, and of course engraved with “I has you.” His will be here in 2 days. I love fast free shipping!

As you read last week, I bought a whole mess of stuff to go in the bathroom baskets. I also picked up some nylons, batteries, and safety pins. Then I filled and decorated them and I think they came out pretty nice!

Another thing off the list! Then my new veil arrived:

Yes, that's a super geeky shirt. Anywho, I needed a new veil since choosing a diamond white gown instead of pure white. Luckily they were cheap. I love Etsy!

I keep trying to think of new things to display at the wedding to keep people entertained and amused. I was going to make a scrapbook anyways, so I'm doing it before the wedding so people can look at it then. I started with the very first email he sent me in response to my personal ad on Craig's List. Oh the memories! I also have our engagement announcement, invitation, etc. Lots of memorabilia. Pics of our kitties, pics from our anniversaries, our new house, everything. Got a good chunk done on it. Can't wait to see the final product! It's in an adorable fairy tale themed book with “Once Upon a Time” on the front. It's so cute! I hope people enjoy it. :)

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