Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh my goodness, I'm ordering my bridesmaids' dresses and shoes and the groom and groomsmen's ties!

Well I did it.  I just spent a bunch of money outfitting my wedding party.  We’re really doing this!
I already bought mine and my bridesmaids’ jewelry, and headbands for myself and my MoH.  Now I have purchased the dresses for all three of them, shoes for them, pashminas for them and myself, and ties for the groom and groomsmen.  I also already purchased my shoes, a white version of what I bought the bridesmaids.  The men will all be in black suits with white shirts.  They can either use their own or rent or buy one, but I figured it was something general and more comfortable than a tux.  Plus, the wedding is not very formal.
So here we go!  Pics of what I bought! 
Bridesmaids’ dresses:

Bridesmaids’ shoes:
Pashminas for bridesmaids and I:
Groom's (red) and groomsmen's (brown) ties:

I took a Twitter poll regarding the pashminas.  Since we’ll all be sleeveless in October, despite the room being indoors and heated I wanted something to throw over our shoulders just in case.  Dessy just started offering the ones above in colors to match their bridesmaid dresses.  Brown (latte) was not an option,  and neither was white, but the red (claret) trim of my ladies’ dresses was.  I figure it’ll be a nice complement to their dresses, and a splash of color for me.  These are for the reception; we won’t be wearing them in the ceremony.  I was debating between those, or getting less expensive ones from another company, in white or a color that may not match them exactly.  I decided to spend the extra and get them from Dessy, as they’re a comfy-sounding wool/silk blend and obviously the same shade as in the wedding party.
Since the dresses, shoes, jewelry, and pashminas are my gifts to the bridesmaids, and the ties are for the groomsmen, I need more things for the groomsmen now.  I don’t want anything too “gift-y,” as the girls are all getting stuff for the wedding.  Here’s where I need help.  You only use cufflinks on French cuff shirts, right?  So they won’t be able to use them if they wear regular dress shirts?  Should I get their shirt sizes and buy them nice shirts and cufflinks so they only have to worry about suits and shoes?  Any other ideas?  Thanks as always!  J
Also, I cannot WAIT to get those dresses in the mail and finally see them in person!  The only one available for them to try on was a god-awful shade of green, lol.

That was $220 in the salon, bought it online for $140.  Boy do they try to gouge you!

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