Thursday, March 25, 2010

At the gorgeous chapel at Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA

Sunday was a comedy of errors.  I wanted to go to a bridal show, as I amazingly haven’t been to any yet.  Simon was actually okay with joining me, as it was where his best man got married and he loved the place: Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA.  The expo was from 12-3, then a bridal fashion show from 3-4.  I figured since I’ve already chosen my vendors, I only needed an hour at the expo and planned on arriving at 2.
We took the motorcycle and left at 1.  We took backroads since we were on the bike.  It was a bit cooler out than we had realized.  As we got closer to the Inn, we encountered a road still closed due to the recent flood.  So we took a detour and got back on track.  Then we encountered another closed road.  And another.  There were road blocks, and detours, and road blacks without detours.  The Concord golf course was under water.  It was AWFUL.
Yeah, so guess when we got to the Inn?  2:45 pm.  Just enough time to change from riding jeans to a skirt, check in, and get our tickets.  Except the show started half an hour late, so that was kind of lame.  But I got to take some great pics!

Gorgeous!  Nothing really struck my fancy, but I shared the 90 photos I took on Facebook since pretty much everyone I know is getting married apparently.

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