Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Suit drama

Okay, drama too long for Twitter that I could use some feedback on.  ;-)

I'm doing good with my planning, bought lots of stuff like bridesmaids dresses, wedding party gifts, etc. lately.  Having a mini meltdown over what the guys are wearing.  See, I want them to wear black suits, thought it would be easy for them to each provide their own and it's not a formal wedding so no tuxes necessary.  But none of them own a black suit.  They'd all have to buy one.  Renting a suit is more expensive than renting a tux cuz they're not as common (Simon had to once, it was like $125!). 

Simon suggested picking out a suit for them all to buy and helping with the cost (like $100/$150, since I bought the ladies' dresses).  I already bought the guys' ties and planned on buying their shirts.  WTF should I do about the suits?  Give in and have them rent tuxes (minus ties)?  Give them a Men's Warehouse gift card and a suit style to buy?  (One of the guys has money and expensive taste, feel weird asking him to buy a $300-ish suit when he'd prefer a $900, and feel like $300 is too much for other 2 groomsmen with kids).  The ties I bought are staying, they're from the same company as the bridesmaid dresses and are the EXACT same color, which I love.

Didn't really want tuxes.  Now I feel like it may be the easiest thing, but may look odd in my semi-casual/semi-dressy wedding.  Argh.  =(  Thoughts?


Thanks all, we've decided!  Renting suit-like tuxes using this deal:


Going there to check out styles soon.  Thanks everyone!

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